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Rubber & Cork

We supply both rubber flooring & cork, both of which can be very successful but need specialist fitting, luckily we have a fitter well versed in the intricacies of these natural products.  As with lino, the secret of a successful installation is in the sub floor preparation.

Our preferred rubber is Artigo, being Italian it is very stylish, but also being Italian it takes longer to get here than our other products, so additional time must be allowed if you decide to choose a rubber floor.



Rubber Flooring

The creative freedom provided by rubber flooring is endless, thanks to the broad range of surface finishes smooth, embossed or relief. The assortment of solid colours is completed by coloured grains proposal. Surfaces can also be manufactured in "natural" pattern such as Ardesia or with geometric shapes, like the ribbed surfaces and classic "studs", which combine rigorous aesthetic definition with better non-slip performance. Thanks to the possiblilty of producing special products taliored to the custom's needs, the Artigo collection is able to provide an answer to every type of requirement.

Rubber tiles in a kitchen and dining area